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Today I Saw Turtles

by Wckr Spgt

Honeycomb 02:27
This ain't the Circle K but there's trouble afoot Traces of ink that can't be erased Be sure to flee with enough bags of loot Salvation could not save this place Pin drops, pin pricks, needles and pins Eerie, weird that They're calling this gin Stuck in a box, the pavement meeting the road The sunshine eroding the day Accidents will happen while carrying the load Disappointment, everyone's OK Woodgrain, beach ball, grab the sword Devil's playtime Look who's bored Brake pad worn through on a midnight drive Ends this drone Never return to the hive...
I get respect From people I respect What did you expect? Some kind of fuckin' reject? 'cause I'm the teacher's pet Excelling in all subject Without flaw or defect 'cause everything is perfect ("prefect" in verse 3) You bet what you want you know that I got it what you need you know that I got it kisses Sweeter than honey Guess what? baby So is my money Sock it to me sock it to me sock it to me... oh yah! guitar (or whatever) solo respect begat respect begat respect begat respect begat respect... (3rd verse, same as the first) just a little bit just a little bit just a little bit more than just a little bit
well we got the boat and we stuffed it with drugs laminated drugs into the hull Ohh Ohhhhhh Ohh Ohhhhhh we drove the boat away from the island headed for Florida Ohh Ohhhhh Ohh Ohhhhh well the Coast Guard came up with their guns out and they told us to stop ohh Ohhhh ohh Ohhhh well they found the drugs laminated inside the hull and then they took us away ohh ohhhh ohh ohhhh
Thre's no sound in a vacuum not even the vacuum. And here in the backroom the silence is more so the men can go fishin' Both men on a mission There's dirt and there's dishin' Something's wrong with the torso Difficult choices like self-immolation There's a bevy of rope down in the basement
verse: violence needless Organic grapes - seedless on pins and needles Meet the Beatles Chorus: Faces on the covers coming out to bite you Moses and his buddies are planning to smite you Does that excite you? I'm having a party; didn't plan to invite you. Verse: Free radical teacher on sabbatical signing up for Medi-Cal for problems medical Chorus: They ask if I've had phone before And I'm angry like a Bible with a spinal core What is this for? I'm sitting here waiting for ther next world war. Bridge: I'm hoping for the next world war so that guy who scratched my truck will buy a whore. But instead of getting wild and playing donkey, She'll tell him woeful tales about the occupation of her country.


Tracks 1-3 continue the thematic and structural formula of "Smooth Sounds". Here we find Wckr Spgt covering several songs written by a few friends.

1. Honeycomb
Music & Lyrics by Phil Yates (Sonic Charger Songs, ASCAP)
2. Wishful Thinking
written by Amy Maloof (Falcon Eddy Music)
3. Laminated Drugs
written by Charlie McAlister for the Fire Ant Mound

Tracks 4 and 5 find Wckr Spgt performing a couple of songs by Wckr Spgt that they wrote themselves.

4. Difficult Choices (Like Self-Immolation)
5. Next World War

Wckr Spgt is Joel Huschle, David Carpenter, Kyle Brodie, and Mark Givens

Special thanks to Michael Dixon. This EP was originally in limited release through People In A Position To Know Recordings, June 2010

Cover art by Kim Dillbeck.

Recorded at Interstellar Studios, May 2010
Engineered, Mixed, Sanded, and Mastered by Jon Crawford


released April 15, 2011




Wckr Spgt Upland, California

Wckr Spgt began recording and performing in 1982. Over 1000 songs and more than 50 full-length albums.
Wckr Spgt (Joel Huschle, Mark Givens, Dave Carpenter, and Kyle Brodie) has remained a vital and vibrant force deep beneath the underground scene.
Whatever shape the music takes, Wckr Spgt's unique outlook and avant garde humor slices through the heart of it all.
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